About Me

I’m a 40-something single mama of one of the funniest 12 year olds I know.  I originally started this blog after a friend and I had a discussion about the atrocities of dating at 40.  I believe it was after I used the words “vaginal frostbite” that he suggested I write a book. While the suggestion of a book seemed a bit lofty, I thought I could certainly start a blog with all my ridiculous tales and see where it takes me.

Just so you’re not confused, I call my dates Suaves (pronounced suave-ay) in my dating posts.  Trust me, I had some absolute winners and Suave seemed to fit the bill.  I’ve moved on from writing about dating, however, as finding yourself in a relationship tends to dampen the dating scene just a skosh. (plus the motel bills were killing me!)   

My friends lovingly call my boyfriend my Latin Lova'. He's younger than me a) because I like it that way, and, b) because, even though I’m 40-something in actual years, mentally, I’m still 22 ½ .  I’m not proud of this necessarily, but it’s not like I’m going to mature tomorrow, so let’s just embrace it.

My ex-husband is one of my best friends.  Our first priority is raising our son in love, so to everyone who looks at us like we’re jackin’ up our kid, we say, “Fanopoli!”  I’m almost certain when we all showed up to my son’s first basketball practice together the other parents thought my ex and my boyfriend were lovers and I was their surrogate.  This pleased me greatly…
I have a huge heart and am constantly trying to save every animal on the planet.  But if I don’t stop bringing dogs home, I’m certain I’ll be back to writing those dating posts again. 

I don’t do this to make money or to gain notoriety; I blog because I love to write.  You won’t find a regular daily post from me, but I will post when I think something is entertaining or if I have something to say.
I’m so glad you stopped by for your Daily Dose of Damn!  I hope you'll come back again! 


  1. Well, I think you sound amazing! The more I read, the more I think I need to stalk you. Oh, you and @crakgenious would get along well. You should creep him a little.

    1. Right back atcha on the amazing! I would be honored if you'd stalk me! Then I wouldn't feel like such a creep for stalking you. Win-win. I'm heading over to @crakgenious now. Again, thank you - you have no idea how much this just made my week.

  2. The good thing is that you FEEL 22-ish AND you LOOK 22-ish, so it's all good! :)

    I think it's wonderful about you and your ex being friends - I wish more separated parents could be as civil! Your son still sees you two as a unit, despite separate homes, and that's amazing.

    Like I said in my comment a few minutes ago on your latest post, you're such a great writer, Karen! Pursue it!!!!

    1. This is my favorite comment of all time, I think! Look 22...I know that ain't true, but it sure is fun to read :) AND you said I'm a great writer! xo I love the relationship my ex and I have, too - it makes life so much easier. Divorce sucks, but I think we're handling it pretty well and I think Ryan would agree (and that makes me smile).